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Diet and Lifestyle tips for PCOS

How focusing on self-care can help you improve PCOS symptoms

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Whilst lifestyle interventions such as making changes to your diet and exercise are an essential part of managing your PCOS. You will be unable to do these things without self-care. Self-care gives you the permission to carve out the time to make these diet and lifestyle changes. It is not selfish, it’s acknowledging that you are important and that you are deserving of living a healthy life free of PCOS symptoms.

Often when we hear the term ‘self-care’ we envisage spa days, long bubble baths, a massage or a luxurious holiday away from the realities of life. Whilst these things are great, self-care has a lot more to do with our day-to-day activities.

It means making time to do the things that help you live well and improve both your mental and physical health. Self-care can help you manage and reduce stress, lower your chances of getting ill and improve energy levels.

Acts of self-care don’t need to be grand, here are some examples of every day acts of self-care that you could try:

Exercise regularly

Even if this is 10-15 minutes of movement. A workout at home, a quick walk around the block, it all counts.

Eat Regular meals

Giving yourself the time and space to eat three well balanced meals every day sounds obvious. So many of us skip meals which results in lack of energy, focus and concentration.

Prioritize sleep

We can’t be the best version of ourselves if we’re sleep deprived and feeling groggy. Get to bed on time and keep your phone out the bedroom.

Give yourself permission to pause

When things start to feel a little overwhelming and stressful, remind yourself that it’s okay to give your self a break, do something to relax and bring those cortisol levels down and then re-focus.

Indulge in some trashy TV

Sometimes flopping on the sofa is exactly what we need after a crazy day. Try to ensure this doesn’t take over other self-care practices as too much of this is not self-care.

Have fun

When last did you do something fun for YOU. Text your friends and get something in the diary that brings you joy.

Practice daily gratitude

When we focus on the things we are grateful for, we immediately adopt a more positive mindset.

Set boundaries

It’s great to say yes to every opportunity but if this is leaving you feeling depleted and like you’re burning the candle at both ends then it’s time to set some boundaries and decide when you need to say no.

Plan your week ahead

Write everything down in your diary/calendar. This way you’ll quickly identify how busy your week is looking and if there is balance between work, having fun, exercise etc. or if you need to make some changes.

There's a lot here to take-away, please don't feel like you need to go and put everything into practice straight away. Start small and build, choose one or two things you think you can do and then add to this as you gain confidence and it becomes part of your daily routine.


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