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About Jodie

Jodie Relf PCOS Expert

I'm Jodie,


a registered dietitian and PCOS specialist. 

I've been in your shoes, I too was diagnosed with PCOS and sent on my way with no information other than 'come back when you're ready to have children'.  

Through my own journey with PCOS, doing extensive research, working with experts in the industry and learning from my amazing clients, I've developed a huge amount of knowledge around PCOS. 

My self-confidence has been knocked by the most awful acne, I've punished my body with strict diets and gruelling exercise regimes, I've had my periods disappear for months, been crippled by chronic fatigue and been in floods of tears worrying that I'd never be able to conceive. 

Does this sound familiar?

After years of being told by doctors that the only way to manage my PCOS was to take hormonal contraceptive I knew this couldn't be the only way. I wanted to know that my body could function as it should without relying on medication. 

I'd finally had enough and decided to take matters in to my own hands. It was time for some hardcore research to help me truly understand PCOS, the hormonal imbalances that it caused and the lifestyle changes and supplements that would help me manage my symptoms. 

It was an eye opening journey that led to so many life changing discoveries.


I'm here to share these discoveries with you, because you too deserve the best treatment for your PCOS and to no longer be weighed down by your symptoms. 


Preparing a salad
Jodie Relf doing Pilates

I learned that you can manage your PCOS symptoms without extreme diets, grueling exercise routines or medication. 

And you don't have to do it alone, your PCOS journey does not have to feel lonely or isolating. 

I discovered that I didn't have to learn to live with my PCOS symptoms, I could be symptom free, I got my confidence back and it felt INCREDIBLE! You can have this too. 

You are worthy of feeling comfortable in your own skin and feeling confident every time you walk out the door. 

You too can get to a place where you understand your body better than ever before and know exactly what it needs. 

If you're tired of feeling run down and defeated by your PCOS then let's chat.

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Uncover the 3 simple, highly-effective steps used by myself and all my clients to improve their PCOS symptoms, regain their confidence and live a life they love with PCOS (without dieting). 

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