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Jodie Relf PCOS Expert

Are you ready to take control of your PCOS? 

Book a FREE Discovery Call

I'd love to chat and have the opportunity to answer all your questions about working with me. 

Don't let your symptoms steal your confidence...

  • PCOS ReBalance Protocol

    Every month
    Valid for 4 months
    • An in-depth, 60-minute initial one-to-one session
    • A review of all bloods and requests for any required
    • 6 bi-weekly one-on-one check-ins
    • 6 bi-weekly mini-training videos
    • Weekly meal planner and shopping list
    • Robust accountability and support
    • Membership in a private community
    • Inclusive Pilates workouts
    • Monthly live Q&A sessions
    • A collection of curated recipes
    • Editable worksheets for personalized engagement

Let's work together

Whilst I don't have the power to make your PCOS disappear completely, we can get you to a place where you are symptom free. 

I work closely with my 1:1 clients to understand how their PCOS shows up for them, what underlying hormonal imbalances are present and work with my clients to create a plan that works for them. 

It's important to me that we work together to make changes that fit in to your lifestyle, includes the foods that you love and leaves you feeling empowered in understanding your body and what it needs. 

You're here because you'd like to take the next steps in managing your PCOS, because the help you've received so far has not lived up to your expectations. 

Making changes requires effort and commitment and not every step of the way is easy but I can promise you that it's 100% worth it. 

What's included? 

When working with me one to one you will receive all of the following

Desk with laptop and flowers

1 x 90 minute Initial consultation

This is me getting to know you and exactly how your PCOS shows up to help me pull together a personalised road map to manage your PCOS. 

Writing in a notebook

Worksheets, PDF's & resources

You will receive PDF's, worksheets and additional resources to help you implement the changes we discuss. 

Lady working on laptop

6 x 45 min follow up sessions

Each consultation is an opportunity to tweak your plan and add to it, ensuring that by the end of our time together you're confident in managing your PCOS.

Jodie Relf on laptop

Monthly Live Q&A

Join me and others on their PCOS journey every month to discuss any questions you have & hear the experiences of others on a similar journey. 

Working on laptop with coffee

Email Support

I'll be available between your consultations to answer any questions you have over email

Jodie Relf practicing Pilates

Access to my 12 week online programme

You will have access to all 10 modules of my online PCOS ReBalance programme

This includes healthy recipes and Pilates workouts

Group Programme

If you'd like support managing your PCOS and getting your confidence back then PCOS ReBalance might be for you. 

Get your free PCOS hormone guide

Understand how PCOS effects your hormonal balance and how to rebalance your hormones naturally.

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