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The PCOS ReBalance Protocol

Ready to live a life you love with PCOS and regain your confidence..... in 12 weeks?


3 Steps to Reclaim Your Life From PCOS

Uncover the 3 revolutionary, simple steps to ditch diet rules and overcome your PCOS

The Next Step in your Journey.....

(Only book a call if you have PCOS and are ready to make the changes required to reclaim your life from PCOS.)

In Your Consultation, You'll Get Clear On Your 3 Steps To Reclaim Your Life From PCOS...


We'll dive into crafting the vision for your life, liberated from diets and unshackled from the weight of PCOS symptoms, creating the path to your best self.


Together, we'll explore the barriers preventing you from overcoming PCOS symptoms, breaking free from the cycle of guilt and frustration, and pave the way for lasting transformation.


And finally, we'll construct a comprehensive action plan to instil confidence in navigating your next steps towards effectively minimizing your PCOS symptoms for good.

My Clients have reclaimed their lives from PCOS

"After years of calorie counting I no longer rely on this to determine how much I eat and I've just had my first period in over a year". 

Harriet came to me after being newly diagnosed but confused by all the information out there and felt like she didn't know where to start. Years of diet culture meant she had deeply rooted rules around the foods she shouldn't be eating and felt she could not trust her body to tell her what or when to eat. 


"The journey has been absolutely amazing starting with targeting deeply seated preconceptions, biases and, truly, trauma around food and eating that I’ve been carrying for years.

I am still amazed how a few weeks of working with Jodie created a complete 180 in my approach to food and undid decades of damage. ​I used to call my sessions with Jodie - food therapy - and those, alongside the ongoing email support - have been instrumental in bringing about the change I was looking for. ​I had read about the concept of intuitive reading in the past and had completely discarded it, convinced it wouldn’t work for me - after working with Jodie - I have learnt the skills to understand what my body needs, to reduce (if not completely eradicate) cravings, to enjoy the food I eat and to reach for healthy and satisfying snacks and meals. It’s been absolutely life changing - I’m more confident, relaxed, healthier and happier."

Agnieszka, 1-2-1 Client

"I’ve suffered with PCOS for years and I felt I’d tried everything. Until I found Jodie!

7 months later I’ve managed to lower my testosterone levels and create a healthy environment within my body. This week I’ve received the best news; we’re having a baby! I feel so much comfort in knowing that, keeping up with all of the new tricks Jodie taught me, and with taking all the right supplements we have a great chance of a healthy pregnancy. Jodie makes you feel so comfortable, I felt as if I was chatting to a friend. If you are considering working with Jodie, to manage your PCOS & make the right lifestyle changes, this is your sign to do it!!!
She’s absolutely wonderful.”

Daniella, 1-2-1 Client

Ready to live a life you love with PCOS and regain your confidence.... in just 12 weeks?


I am ready to ditch diets

I have been diagnosed with PCOS and am ready to take back control


Only book a call if you meet the criteria above and are 100% committed to showing up and being present for your call.

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