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The Ultimate PCOS-Friendly Christmas Gift Guide:

Thoughtful and Health-Conscious Presents for Every Woman on Your List

Gift-giving is a wonderful way to show support and care for someone with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Consider gifts that promote self-care, wellness, and comfort. Here are some great gift ideas for someone with PCOS:

Relaxation and Rest:

Not only is having PCOS stressful and a total mood kill, but the impact of stress can exhaserbate PCOS symptoms. Finding ways to relax and unwind are so important. These gifts could go a long way to helping your loved one switch off and unwind.

Aromatherapy Oils: Essential oils like lavender, rosemary, or clary sage can aid in relaxation and hormonal balance. An aromatherapy gift set with a diffuser can be an excellent choice.

Tisserand the gift of de-stress

Quality Tea or Herbal Tea Set: Herbal teas like spearmint, chamomile, and green tea are known to support PCOS management. A set of high-quality teas can be a soothing and thoughtful gift. Sole Cup do a great on the go cup which you can place loose tea leaves in side for a calming brew on the run.

Give the gift of gratitude, mindfulness, self-love and serenity with the 6-minute diary.

Make evenings or afternoons relaxing on the sofa even more cosy with this super soft sherpa fleece hoodie.

Or help your loved on escape the stressors of every day life with a relaxing massage.


Sleep enhancers:

There’s a good chance that your loved one with PCOS will have trouble falling and staying asleep, anything to make this easier will be hugely appreciated.

Feather and down have Pillow spray which smells of dreamy lavender and chamomile and will help you drift off in no time.  

A pillow may seem like a strange gift but being comfortable is an essential ingredient when it comes to having a good nights sleep. These will help you drift off feeling like your head is in the clouds.

Lumie lights are scientifically designed to help you reconnect with your natural rhythms for even better sleep, mood and energy levels.

This NEOM sleep gift set is just perfect, giving your loved one a variety of sleep enhancers all in one box.

NEOM sleep gift set

If your loved one travels a lot or simply enjoys total darkness when they sleep then this 100 % blackout sleep mask will give them the best nights sleep.

Is there anything better than slipping into a super comfy pair of pyjamas, these cyberjammies are not only comfy but super cute too.

Skin care products:

A facial at your local spa is a fabulous gift as it will help improve overall skin health as wel as being a great way to relax and de-stress.

Always check if there are products they are already using and love. If not, these are my favourites as they contain ingredients that help improve PCOS related acne.

REN The gift of glow trio

Make home pampering feel even more luxurious with these super soft Spa Facial Headbands (£7.99) and these Emma Hardie cleansing cloths. £18

Treating your skin needs to come from within, this book gives great advice on how to care for your skin as well as how to nourish your body for glowing skin. Skin food: Your 4-step solution to healthy, happy skin. £9.19

Get moving:

Being active happens in multiple different ways and the benefits of movement are endless for those with PCOS – from stress management, reducing anxiety and depression and improving insulin sensitivity. Whether it’s gardening they like, going for beautiful walks outdoors or having a more structured plan, there’s something for everyone.  

If hardcore workouts at the gym aren't their thing then why not get them out planting funky veg in the garden with this Funky vegetable growing kit - £8.99

Give the gift of gorgeous walks with an Annual National trust pass - £42 - £84

Make their workouts or walks more fun with these Vibrant sports socks – £9

Attending classes is great but the costs can quickly add up. Gift a class pass to their favourite yoga/Pilates Studio or a month’s access to online classes (£35).

A voucher for their favourite brand of active wear will always go down well, nothing is more motivating than some gorgeous new active wear.

Sweaty Betty Sports bra

This hydro flask is great for keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, making sure you stay hydrated in all weather conditions. £34.59

Improving relationships with food and body:

We may not be able to give the gift of total body confidence (how cool would that be though) If we could give the gift of body confidence, that would be the only thing I’d suggest as most individuals with PCOS experience very low confidence due to their symptoms. You can however help them improve their relationship with their body with books that will help them reframe their thoughts and attitudes towards themselves.

How to just eat it - Laura Thomas

Remember that the best gift will be one that aligns with your loved ones preferences and needs. PCOS can affect people differently, so understanding their unique situation can help you select the perfect gift to support their well-being.

Happy Shopping!


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